HOTAS X Cable Extension

I own a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X flight stick and throttle controller.

It’s a great controller for flight sims and Elite:Dangerous. The only problem is that the cord that connects the throttle assembly to the joystick is short. It’s long enough to reach across the width of a standard keyboard, but if the keyboard is any larger, or if you have a wide custom control panel living there instead, the length of the (permanent) cord is annoying.

So before I go cutting into my precious controller, I did a little research and discovered that it has 16 wires running through the cord. Happily there is a relatively simple solution that will accommodate them perfectly.

It’s a special connector most commonly used for ODB-II diagnostic hookups in cars.


This is an ODB-II extension cable from Amazon, and costs about $10.

This cable can be cut, then spliced to the joystick throttle connection cable, providing a quick disconnect between the two, as well as some handy extra length to play with.

This is where my Handy PAW will come into its own!

[updates to come]